Guidance and Consulting Services

When establishing new farms, or upgrading and improving existing ones, Keshet Projects will provide professional consulting and advice for all their clients, both in Israel and abroad.

Just as any new business requires and needs a business plan prior to its establishment and it is essential to it, so does the establishment of a poultry farm or a cattle farm requires prior thought and planning.

In an era in which changes are rapid and vast, the economic is unstable, and the standards are high, a good and professional early planning could mean the difference between a prosperous farm – and a failing farm.

Ultimately, the purpose of an initial design and development process is the establishment of a prosperous farm for maximum productivity.

In the early stages of the process it is essential to have a futuristic vision, while attending to the individual needs and circumstances a particular farmer faces, such as geographic and climate conditions, the type of farming and its purpose, and the equipment necessary.

Since we provide more than just high quality farm products, but also innovative solutions for individual purposes and conditions, which we then develop and exclusively market worldwide, we have the ability and the means to provide extra value and personal attention, which could make the difference – as far as our clients are concerned – between a compromise and a true solution.

In addition, we also provide service for active farm owners who wish to upgrade and improve their farms.
Farms which are not well planed, or farms which requires excessive resources and manpower for maintenance, result in productivity problems and low income.
For these clients we can isolate and evaluate problematic factors, offering smart and effective solutions that can upgrade a failing farm and turn it into a productive one.