About Us

S.A. Keshet Projects Ltd. is a leading Israeli company in agriculture and in the livestock farming industry, specializing in poultry and cattle farming. We provide clients a comprehensive range of durable farm machinery, controls, systems and products from leading companies.
Globally we also exclusively market our own unique innovations.
Our company was established in 1991 thanks to the collaboration
between two highly experienced professionals:
Arie Haham is a Practical Electrical Engineer, with more than
30 years experience in farming and agriculture. He has
a considerable skill in developing advanced electronic systems
used for poultry and cattle farming.
Shlomi Bar-Nes has more than 20 years experience in the field and is
a farmer himself. Mr. Bar-Nes has extensive experience in
advanced systems, development and instillation, which are
applied in fattening coops with a cycle of 500 tons broilers.

The competitive strength of the Company is based on its technological and innovation skills, as well as the quality and professional expertise of its employees and administrators.

We are set to provide all a farmer needs – whenever he needs it !

Providing answers for unique situations:
Our professional skills allow us to “think outside the box” in order to develop solutions for those unique situations and problems a farmer may face, and for which either there may be no straightforward solutions available in the marketplace, or available solutions are not cost effective. All such innovations are exclusively marketed worldwide by the company.
To see our current innovations enter Keshet Unique Innovations.

Importing and Marketing farm products:
We put great emphasis on the quality and reliability of our products, and therefore we import and market only high quality, top-of-the-line advanced farm products from leading companies, together with our own innovations.

Counseling and advising services:
Professional counseling and advisory services for establishing the farm you want, or upgrading your existing farm in order to increase productivity. The company has recently been involved in the establishment of new agricultural enterprises in Eastern Europe.

System Instillation:
Installing controls, electronic and mechanical equipment in poultry farms, cattle farms and other agricultural enterprises.

Emergency Service and Availability:
We are aware that a need for our services may not occur during office hours… emergencies don’t wait for daybreak, or for the weekend to pass. Therefore, we put emphasis on our company’s availability to provide services in an emergency – every day of the week, every hour of the day – in order to fully meet a client’s needs.

Maintenance service:
Our storage units hold a very large variety of products and spare parts for immediate delivery. This enables us to provide our clients with fast and efficient maintenance services.